Penrite Oil

A Better Class of Oil

Penrite Oil is an Australian family-owned company that manufactures high quality oils and lubricants. It has a full range of 2- and 4-stroke oils featuring PAO & Ester Synthetic, Full Synthetic, Semi Synthetic, and Mineral base oils, as well as ancillary products, motorcycle care products, gear oils, power steering fluids, coolants and greases. Many products are officially approved and registered by the major Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) and industry bodies (API).

Their 4-stroke motorcycle oils have previously powered various racing teams, including the Penrite Honda Racing in Australian MX Nationals and Supercross championships and the Honda Australia’s factory off-road team.

Penrite puts great emphasis into reducing its emissions by using safe and sustainable production, storage, and distribution methods where feasible. The brand supplies excellent products with minimal environmental impact.

Manufacturing over 170 different products across 12 different market segments, Penrite has been able to ensure the right product is recommended for every application. Penrite is known for their MC-4ST Full Synthetic, which is a non-friction modified, 4-stroke engine oil as well as the range of 10W-40 Motorcycle Oils. These products have an excellent anti-wear package of full zinc that give maximum protection to your gearbox, clutch, and engine. They are made with advanced engine technology that shields your machine from corrosion, piston deposits, wear, oil oxidation, and sludge.

You can rest assured that Penrite oils provide expert care made with high quality formulations through the most advanced manufacturing technology to give your motorcycle the best protection and performance possible. Penrite’s PAO & Ester Synthetic, Full Synthetic, Semi Synthetic and Mineral oils offer a superb choice for your machine. To give your motorcycle the best performance, make sure to get the correct oil type and put the right amount into your bike.