More Than Oil, It's Liquid Engineering

As bike design and technology evolve, reducing weight and increasing engine specific output and/or power, the stresses imposed on the lubricant increases accordingly. High power output, lower oil sump volumes and increasing drain intervals means that the oil has to work harder than ever before. It has to resist thermal degradation, keep hot pistons running free from harmful deposits and protect the compact gearbox and clutch for many thousands of kilometres. More importantly, most 4-stroke motorcycles use a wet clutch and the lubrication system is combined so that the three most critical components, the engine, gearbox and clutch, rely on the same oil.

The range of 4-stroke engine oils with Trizone Technology have been developed using a unique suite of sophisticated, motorcycle engine tests. These tests, developed by Castrol engineers, represent lubricant performance in the three key areas for advanced motorcycle applications: engine cleanliness and wear and more significantly clutch compatibility and gearbox protection. It's more than just oil, it's liquid engineering.