Protect what you value

Kryptonite offers the complete security package that protects your ride giving you peace of mind to where you want, when you want. The range includes locks, chains and anchors, allowing you to keep your pride and joy safe on the street, at home or on a trailer. They prevent roll away thefts and include reminder cables to make sure you don’t try to ride off while a Disc Lock is engaged.

Tested on the toughest streets of New York and around the world, Kryptonite strives to stay ahead of the pack and lead the way in two-wheel security.

Key & Combo Safe Program

Kryptonite’s Key Safe™ and Combo Safe™ Programs offer key and/or combination lock customers peace of mind in the event they lose their keys or forget their combination. Available on a selection of Kryptonite products, riders must register their combination or key number with Kryptonite in order to partake in this program.

If keys are misplaced, Kryptonite will send riders their first pair (2) of standard replacement keys for FREE. No shipping charges, no handling charges, and no hidden fees.

If a combination is forgotten, Kryptonite will be able to provide riders their code. For full details see the the Kryptonite catalogue.