As HJC approaches 50 years of manufacturing motorcycle helmets exclusively, we hereby renew our long commitment to provide only the highest quality of helmets to motorcyclists in Europe and around the globe.

The All New RPHA 11’s aerodynamic design is revolutionary in its class. Its industry leading compact shell shape and super light-weight surpasses all of its competitors. Its advanced ventilation system and advanced noise reduction system are clearly step above its predecessor and the rest of the competition.

With the addition of the All New RPHA 11 and various graphic designs, it is clear that HJC will continue to be the brand of choice for motorcyclists around Europe and the World. We will continue to offer only innovative, safe, and quality helmets. This is a reputation that we have earned through hard work during the past 50 years.


HJC now manufacture helmets with vivid, eye catching characters from Marvel Comics, DC Comics and Universal Studios. The intrepid designs take these characters to new heights in limited edition numbers. Previous designs have expanded to include Star Wars characters, with more designs released regularly.

The licensed range also includes racing replicas from world-class athletes in MotoGP and WSBK


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