We're Proud to Present Our Brand's Hard-Earned Canstar Awards!


Shoei Helmets are No.1 for Aussies

"The most valuable protective piece in the motorbike world is undoubtedly the helmet. Whether you’re riding 500m or 5,000km, a helmet on a motorbike should always be worn. At any speed, too, a helmet should be your top priority, and a good quality one can quite literally come down to life and death. Beyond lifesaving protection, helmets also shield you from the elements and block out road noise.

In all circumstances you should be using a helmet bought new, rather than used. With a used helmet, you can just never know what it’s really been through. Plus, someone else’s sweaty noggin has been in there! Moreover, when you’re comparing helmet characteristics like durability, price, comfort and more, how can you be sure about which brand is the best?

Shoei dominated across most aspects of the survey criteria. The brand beat out many strong contesters, with Arai, Bell and Fox all achieving four stars overall."

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Dririder Deemed the Perfect for Fit Motorcycle Jackets

"Whether you fancy yourself as a bit of a James Dean, Casey Stoner or an Elena Myers, every rider has their own reasons for hopping on the bike. Though for many it’s more about getting from A to B or the adrenaline rush of riding something so powerful. 12 per cent of our survey respondents said that the style or look of the jacket was their primary reason for buying it. A further four per cent said they wear their jacket socially and not for riding as its primary purpose. So for a brand to do well, it has to have both form and function.

A comfortable, protective jacket should also be on the top of your priority list, and Aussie brand Dririder achieved supreme results in all categories. This is the second year running these customer satisfaction ratings for motorcycle jackets and Dririder is currently two-for-two."

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Last Updated May 2017